Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Collecting 11.9 Million Voices

The objective of this project, The Big C Visual Journal, is to collect all 11.9 million cancer survivor voices and store them on the site, thebigcvisualjournal.com, but I need your help.

Even if you aren't a cancer survivor, you know one, or maybe two, or heck three - forward this and ask them to fill out an online postcard. It can be anonymous.

I'm working towards making this a collection of survivor voices, a place for us be seen and heard. After treatment I started to wonder who's path I crossed if they were a survivor too. There's no way to tell and there's a lot of stories out there.

Ideas if you are stumped as to what to submit;
• Your state, your age, name totally optional, this site does NOT track/trace email addresses, no worries, I'm not that savvy and never intend to be, I'm just happy I got the background color I wanted!
• Tell us a story about surviving, treatment, diagnosis.
• Tell us how you spend your cancer-versary.
• Tell us anything you want, you just have to be a survivor to be a part of this collaborative.

Online 'postcards' can be filled out here http://thebigcvisualjournal.com/