Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I've been doing one small painting a day for a year. Yesterday was my anniversary and the Patriot Ledger did a fantastic article complete with photos.

When I was interviewed, the journalist asked if having cancer had anything to do w/the painting a day project.

When you get the Big C - everything thereafter is kind of related to having it and getting over it. Somehow. I declined this correlation though because sometimes it's nice to forget.

Okay, that was a big contradiction. What I'm trying to express is, after thinking about it, everything is a product of survival. Because it's the little things, the things you get to do everyday. The perspective you gain, the ability to be able to leave your mark. . .

Monday, May 3, 2010

Alluring Artists - Hull

The Big C Visual Journal will be mentioned on the local cable station's new show, "Hull Alluring Artists." I was so nervous, I've never been interviewed before let alone for television. The stardom definitely went to Brie, the dog's, head though - she kept flitting in and out looking for her fifteen minutes of fame or more peanut butter (her pacifier), not sure which, probably the latter now that I think about it.