Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Five Scary Words"

I was on Twitter, trying to figure it out, all the while the line from that song from Sound of Music coming to mind, "I flit, I float, I fleetly flee, I fly" in my rendition it goes, "I twit, I flit, I tweetly tweet, I. . . " well, you get the drift.

So while twitting and tweeting and fleeting and flitting I came across a posting by LifeAfterCancer;

"Just heard those 5 scary words from my surgeon: "Get on with your life." I think I need a 2nd opinion on that..."

Those were five scary words, I'm still revising my plan, never too far in advance for fear of jinxing myself.

The first few years, I kept trying to figure out why I got cancer, not why me, but as in, how did it fit into the grand scheme, how would it alter the path I was on? Because I kept thinking and still do, I'm living on borrowed time. . .

So, with that stated;

How do you plan to get on with your life?

Other news; I just had my yearly exam and I'm still a young adult cancer survivor. . .

And thanks to the author of the comment from mid-December, I haven't given up. Happy Holidays.